John Cena and Nikki Bella announced a very public break up a few months ago. I believed it until Brie Bella announced that it would be on the show Total Bellas.  Then it became clear it was staged for the promotion of their show. One example on the episode for the Raw 25th anniversary that Nikki said they were broken up but I saw their U-Tube Channel  on “behind the scenes” and Nikki and John were seen kissing.

So it was no surprise that their latest show had them back together.

Don’t call it Total Bellas, call it Total Staged.


Favorite Opening Matches at Wrestlemanias…According to Tyler

Wrestlemania I – Tito Santana vs The Executioner.  Only because it’s the first Wrestlemania match.

Wrestlemania III – Dream Team vs Bob Orton and Don Muraco.

Wrestlemania VII – The Rockers vs Haku and Barbarian.

Wrestlemania X – Bret Hart vs Owen Hart. Greatest opening match in Wrestlemania History.

Wrestlemania 21 – Eddie Guerrero vs Ray Mysterio.

Wrestlemania 23 – Money in the Bank includes Hardy Boys, Edge, Shelton Benjamin Mr. Kennedy and Finley.

Wrestlemania 27 – Edge vs Alberto Del Rio. Edge’s last match.

Wrestlemania 30 – Triple H vs Daniel Bryant. Considered the 2nd best opening match in Wrestlemania history.

Wrestlemania 31 – The Ladder Match. Daniel  Bryant, Dean Ambrose, Star Dust, Luke Harper and Wade Barrett.






The story is WWE women are having thier own rumble….but let’s talk about the women who were in the men’s rumble:

Chyna – The 9th wonder of the world. She was the first woman in a rumble (1999). She eliminated Mark Henry in 1999 and she got eliminated by Stone Cold.  In 2000 she eliminated Jericho and got eliminated by the Big Boss Man.

Beth Phoenix – She was in the 2010 rumble.  She eliminated the Great Khali by a kiss.

Karma – She was in the 2012 rumble.  Her only paid preview event.

Whoever wins the women’s rumble this Sunday, will face either Champion at 2018 Wrestlemania.


25 YEARS AGO – 1992

Quite a few highlights in all of our WWE lives happened in 1992:

  1.  I was born.
  2. Vince was part of the steroid scandal.
  3. Best Royal Rumble – Rick Flair won.
  4. Wembley Stadium – Summer Slam – Bret Hart vs British Bulldog – Bulldog won.
  5. Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart Survivor Series – Bret won.

Happy birthday to me!

Bobby Heenan – The Legend

He worked at AWA, WWF and WCW.  He was considered one of the best managers. He managed Andre the Giant (where he managed the biggest Wrestlemania match in 1987), Rick Rude, Mr. Perfect, Rick Flair and Nick Bockwinkle. He worked as an announcer with Gorilla Mansoon.  He worked with Vince on commentary.  Worked with Tony Shivani. His biggest feud was with Hogan.  Always feuded with Mean Gene.  He got inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2004. The Brain….RIP.


Tyler’s top 5 athletic wrestlers of all time: 5)  Rey Mysterio; 4) Chris Jericho; 3) Macho Man; 2) Stone Cold (before neck injury); 1) Shawn Michaels.

Honorable Mentions:  Chris Benoit (yes that Benoit); Hart Brothers; The Rock; Stone Cold; Sting; Ricky Steamboat; Undertaker; Gold Dust (underrated).